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Training Your Workforce with OHS

Training Your Workforce with OHS

Many industrial processes come with the risk of personal injury, accidents, damages and even death; though these undesirable outcomes can be avoided when the right care, technique and focus is applied. Because of this, it is often the responsibility of a business owner to source a workforce that has a sound understanding of their expected operations, including how they should be carried out, and should also have the knowledge to do their work safely. Unfortunately, this kind of knowledge is not innate, that is to say that no one is born with it. It is for this reason that it may become the company’s responsibility to provide the appropriate training to get their employees up to speed. One of the best ways to do this is through a course on occupational health and safety (OHS). But what exactly is OHS training, and what does it entail?

What is OHS?

Occupational health and safety courses outline a number of key concepts that foster working environments that are efficient, effective and safe. It includes all areas where employee safety is concerned, and is designed to ensure that each worker can be accountable for their own actions and protection. Let’s find out a little more about what is included in a course on occupational health and safety.

Managing Hazardous Goods and Situations

An incredible number of industries work closely with hazardous materials that could pose a risk of danger to the environment, facility and the personnel involved therein. This makes the need for an understanding of how to handle these materials and goods essential for any worker concerned with them. Workers can also be prepared for further risks from exposure to such materials (such as fire and corrosion), and will also develop a means to plan out evacuation routes wherever necessary.

Assessing and Investigating Risks

Each part of your facility brings forward its own risks, and these risks need to be thoroughly assessed so that they can be avoided in future activities. The flip-side of this is being able to accurately investigate the cause and aftermath of accidents, so that measures can be taken to ensure that it never happens again.

First Aid and Emergency Assistance

It is important to have staff on hand that have a sound understanding of first aid. These individuals will be necessary for dealing with workplace emergencies in good time, as they happen, to limit the lasting damage done to personnel in the event of an accident.

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